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T30 Gymnastics club kit


Club Leotards
 We regret that the USA manufacturer of our  girls club leotards can no longer supply them due to supply problems with the material. Regrettably this is the second time in 18 months that this has occured. In fairness to our members we have decided to withdraw the option of a girls club leotard, however we would still request that all members do wear a leotard to the sessions. Gymtastic leotards have an extensive range and would be delighted to continue supplying T30gym members.
Boys and Girls leotards and shorts can be ordered directly from the supplier Gymtastic Leotards
Please click on the image to order your kit from Elite International.
Club Leotard £29.99
Squad Leotard £40
Boys Leotard - £27.50
Boys Shorts - £16.00
T30 Gym
T30 Gym
t30 gym
T30 Gym

Size Guide Girls Leotard


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