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COVID-19 update 17th March 2020

We are doing our best to keep you informed of the situation at T30gym during this difficult time and are reacting to guidance from our sports governing body, British Gymnastics" who in turn, take the lead from the government and Health England. At this stage, BG have only cancelled major national and international events and have allowed continued participation of its members within their clubs.

We set out below our plans for the remainder of the term and for booking for the summer term.

1) We will operate our classes for the remainder of the term until we are prohibited from doing so.

2) No Spectators will be allowed in the gym. Children will be greeted by coaches at the centre's main entry doors, taken to the gym and escorted back at the end of the session. We realise that this is not ideal for many of the younger children and we ask for your understanding. We feel that the NO SPECTATORS rule must be enforced in order to prevent unnecessarily large gatherings of people in close proximity in the gym.

3) We will ensure that all children wash their hands prior to the start of the session as per the guidelines. Please bring your own hand gel if you feel it’s necessary.

4) As we are using a multi purpose sports facility we are not in control of the cleanliness at the Beacon Centre, only of our own equipment. We are wiping down equipment before and after sessions and you have our assurance that our coaches/staff have been instructed not to come in and to self isolate if they or any members of their family have any symptoms.

5) We request that you, or your child, do not attend any sessions if any of your immediate family, friends or people you have come into contact with, have any of symptoms that could be connected with COVID-19

6) As there is a possibility of a delay to the start of the summer term, we have now extended the cut off period for renewing membership from March 31st until April 18th and we have also extended the 5% early payment discount to March 25th.

7) We are able to guarantee that, if we have to delay the start of the new term beyond April 23rd , then we will make up for lost sessions during the rest of the year. This way, your children's places are guaranteed, no fees will be forfeited and we will all be in a position to move ahead at the earliest possible time as normality will inevitably return.

We wish you, your families and friends good health in this difficult time.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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