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T30gym v EJB gymnastics club. December 4th 2016

VENUE: Haberdashers Boys School at Elstree.

We have been invited to take a team of gymnasts in 4 age groups to compete against EJB gym club who train at Haberdashers boys school in Elstree. The event takes place on Sunday December 4th at the school and will involve 31 T30 gymnasts in school years 1 to 5 and they will be competing on floor and vault only. This will be the first time that we have entered an inter club competition at this level and we are sure it will give lots of valuable experience for all of the children involved. If successful we will try and arrange further competitions of this type which give the children the opportunity of competing as a team rather than as individuals.

Together with the 29 gymnasts who are involved the previous weekend at the Basingstoke, South Region Floor and Vault competition, it means that our coaches have got their work cut out to prepare a total of 60 children in just a few weeks. Good luck and thanks to the coaches and judges who are giving up their Sundays to support the children.

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